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Biden Harris
posted by: Haven Hair on 2/6/2021

Agree Biden Harris admin have healing faith wisdom and favor to do those job
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Fatigued, Need Healing
posted by: Seth on 1/17/2021

Please pray for me. I’m feeling deeply fatigued and worn out. Please pray for physical renewal and strength. Pray for a second wind. Pray for mental clarity, healing and strength. Pray for emotional healing, and emotional strength. Pray for spiritual healing and renewal, and a joy and strength in the Lord. Pray that the Lord will heal me from head to toe, and heal every organ in my body. Pray that the Lord will give me the strength to fully bear all the responsibilities of my job and my calling, and do it well, in the strength of the Lord. Pray that I will soar on wings like eagles, that I will run and not grow weary, that I will walk and not be faint (Isa 40:31). Thank you and God bless you.
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Prayer request
posted by: Jamal Cheatham on 12/31/2020

Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old); because their mother’s (two different women) are teaching them evil things in life. I want to raise my kids in Jesus Christ and I’m praying for His divine grace (favor) to get permanent custody of my kids from their mother’s.
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posted by: Seth on 12/24/2020

I’ve written by hand an unspoken prayer request on 24 December 2020. Pray that God will touch many people’s hearts to pray for the Lord to answer this prayer request even though they don’t know what’s being asked for. Pray that the Lord will fully and powerfully answer everything on that prayer request according to His perfect will. Pray that the Lord will lead and guide me with clarity and precision in response to those prayers. Thank you so much. In Jesus’s name.
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posted by: Zalan Kovari on 12/18/2020

I am Kővári Zalán from Hungary. I converted at the age of 15 (33 years) and began living as a Christian. My brother and sister are competing with me, they don’t want to let me go. Ever since our father died (since 8 years), they have want to rule over me. The way to do this is through occult forces and demonic torment. Unfortunately, they found a strange congregation where they are supported. For example One of the pastors of this congregation has now been arrested for tax fraud and has been imprisoned. Thank you your pray.
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posted by: Chester B Heath Sr on 12/6/2020

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posted by: Chris Cowan on 12/1/2020

I'm 58 with a compromised immune system and I've been battling Covid 19 For a month. Would you please pray that my immune system would be strengthened, covid would leave my body and is be totally healed. Thank you Chris
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Wisdom during Coronavirus
posted by: Seth on 3/14/2020

Please pray that God will give me great wisdom during this time when coronavirus is spreading so rapidly. Pray for me, for wisdom on all the practical areas of life, so I can protect myself. I want the wisdom of Christ, not the wisdom of the world. It seems to be a paradox, because it seems wise to isolate and self-quarantine, while God calls us to be His hands and feet, live in community, and bring healing to others. Pray that I will be in touch with God’s heart, be His hands and feet, while living with God’s wisdom and caution. Pray that I will be in touch with God’s heart, in fasting and prayer for countries, healthcare workers, and those with coronavirus. Pray that I will not be isolated, but be able to live in community, even when so many churches (including mine) are closing. Thank you.
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posted by: Paul on 3/4/2020

Please pray for God's provision in my life and that he would give me peace, rest and energy for each day.
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need prayers and miracles
posted by: on 2/24/2020

we have problems that are overwhelming, and many of them. Please pray God will move the right someone to give us a chance and to hire each of us in job where we get paid enough to survive and pay our many bills. Also we have other needs that are even greater and more serious than that, many serious needs. Please pray God will miraculously help us and connect us to the right people to help us (and keep the wrong people far away), - please pray God will help us in all areas of life UNTIL all we are facing is resolved with peace and great results, please
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