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posted by: on 7/18/2014

Please pray for me to get a job and other undisclosed request in Jesus Christ name. Thank you. GOD bless you
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Important Prayer Request
posted by: Seth on 7/6/2014

I've just typed up an important unspoken prayer request on a sheet of paper, that I'd like all of you to pray for. Pray for clear Divine wisdom, insight, guidance, understanding and direction from the Holy Spirit over the issues I've brought up to the Lord in that prayer request. Thank you so much for your prayers.
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posted by: on 4/20/2014

I am in great need of prayer. I am in a custody battle for my children, they are with the “ex” at present and she is into witchcraft and tarot cards. My children say they no longer believe in God. My present wife left and my finances are in discord. I usually have God’s guidance and hear his voice but like a faucet his presence has been shut off and HE speaks not to me. I fast and pray, but it is as I am dead. I examine my life and have cut anything considered secular, TV, music, but still HE is silent at a time I need him most. If there is anything that keeps HIM from speaking to me I pray it be made known to me. I covet your prayers. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much. God Bless … Marcus
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Rebellious Daughter
posted by: Peter on 4/12/2014

My adopted daughter Victoria (18) has been tormenting us for over 16 years. Please pray deliverance over her life and return to Jesus Christ. Thank you
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posted by: jessica on 3/3/2014

I've been having heart and breathing problems. and was just diagnosed with 2 dissorders. I'm Only 23 years old. So im requesting prayer for my relationship with the Lord. and asking if you could pray for me.
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